Genuine Sandalwood Buddhist Meditation Prayer Beads


  • High Quality 100 % Genuine Sandalwood Beads from actual Sandalwood trees!!
  • Naturally Fragrant, sweet & soothing aroma makes your and soul peaceful and relaxed
  • Has 108 beads per strand, plus 1 guru bead and tassel, Bead size available in 10mm, length ~38 inch
  • Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.
  • Makes a Perfect Gift to anyone Who loves Yoga and meditation.
  • Can be worn around the neck or wrapped in coils around the wrist
  • Sandalwood beads are a part of Buddhist tradition and a powerful aid to enhance your meditation as well as stimulate a sense of awareness. It aids in meditation by fostering tranquillity.
  • Promoting relaxation, aiding peaceful sleep and subduing aggression are just of few of the Sandalwood Beads benefits.
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