Premium Mushroom Blend


  • NURTURE YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT – By combining 3 of the most researched mycological species on the planet, we deliver a wellness formula unlike any other. Enhance mental clarity, immune function, natural energy and more.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER – Elevate immune support to another level with reishi mushroom extract. Having been used for centuries, this immune booster is what you need to take daily to stay healthy and avoid the common cold.
  • CAFFEINE FREE ENERGY SUPPLEMENT – Elevate your energy levels naturally via ATP production with Cordyceps Sinensis. Increase oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity and athletic endurance without stimulants.
  • ONLY THE RIGHT STUFF – Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA from all-natural vitamins, minerals & herbal extracts, without the use of harmful additives.

These and many more varieties of mushroom and fungi extracts are part of our proprietary blend.

Cordyceps: Cordyceps are an incredible energy-boosting mushroom because of their ability to increase ATP production through pre-cursor compounds like adenosine and cordycepin.

Reishi: A sleep aid and potent immunomodulator.*

Shiitake: Improves cardiovascular health.

Maitake: Helps to regulate blood pressure and support immune function.

Turkey tail: Improves immune function by stimulating cytokine production, increasing natural killer cells, and other immune-boosting functions.*

Chaga: Is rich in antioxidants and supports immune function, liver health, brain health, and increases longevity.

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