Sankalpa Box


Get a Beautiful Mystery Box with Unique Consciousness Tools!

  • Receive One of a Kind Hand Made Artisanal Jewelry or consciousness expanding tool every month
  • Reiki and Mantra Activated
  • Up to $60 retail value every month
  • Free Shipping to US
  • ​Mindfully Crafted

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that means an intention formed by the heart and mind – a solemn vow, determination, or will. A Sankalpa is a tool meant to harness the will and to focus and harmonize mind and body.

Every item in your box is energized with Reiki and activated with Vedic Beeja Mantras.

Makes for a perfect gift for yogi friends and family!

This is not a subscription box and there will be no auto-renewal.

Weight 1.0009 lbs
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