ASHWAGANDHA IS A POWERFUL ADAPTOGEN – Provides a quick, natural way to fight stress and negativity. Studies have also shown that ashwagandha can help with forgetfulness and improve alertness.

STANDARDIZED EXTRACT – Made from root powder, root powder extract, and supercritical CO2 extract. Unlike other supplements that may contain only crushed powder, our product contains pure ashwagandha root with black pepper extract for better absorption. This is the way ashwagandha has been used in India for over 2500 years.

ANTI-ANXIETY, STRESS & ENERGY SUPPORT  – Supports adrenal function to help relax and calm your mind and body, lower stress and anxiety, provide energy, and help with occasional sleeplessness.

ONLY THE RIGHT STUFF – Our ashwagandha supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA using all-natural vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, without harmful additives.

SUPPORTS HORMONES AND HELPS NORMALIZE MOOD – If you’re struggling to stay positive and relying on too many anti-depressants, this herb can help. Multiple studies have shown that potent extracts of ashwagandha produce anxiety-relieving effects that are as powerful as commonly used anti-depressants, without the side effects.

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